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23.5. - 19.6.24 Visiting Inken Baller & Hinrich Baller exhibition, Austellungshalle der Kunsthochschule Kassel (Germany)

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In Berlin, still functioning buildings are frequently subject to demolition, to be replaced by more profitable, denser structures. Buildings from the 1970s are particularly affected. Their disappearance from the cityscape is our call to action.

# Demolitions trigger displacement. Since demolitions often happen quietly, without prior notice, it is difficult to form alliances against them.

# The climate crisis calls for a radical change in the way we deal with the existing building stock. The understanding of seeing every existing resource as a value and treating it with care is missing.

The project "Visitig Abriss" documents perspectives on demolition practices through film; the focus is set on three buildings in Kurfürstenstraße that are being demolished. Visiting means for us an on-site research and to include the perspective of different protagonists involved: neighbors, users, and in this case sex workers, construction workers of the demolition company and the investor who contracts the demolition.

okt. 2022 - feb. 2023

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February 25th 2023


We say: Down with Demolition in Berlin! Rebuild instead. Save the buildings that are already here!

February 25th, 2023

16:00: Exhibition opening and demonstration –
U Kurfürstenstraße in front of the LSD store

17:30: Film screening, end of the demonstration with warm drinks in front of Urania 4-10.

speeches by Bündnis Leerstand Haab-ich-Saath, Architects 4 Future, Initiative Hermannplatz, Kiezpalaver Schöneberg und dem Berliner Mieterverein

February 23th - 27th 2023


temporary exhibition exploring the topic of demolition on different levels.

Shown in the shop window of the M&M Backshop in the LSD building, Potsdamer Str. 172, 10783 Berlin. 

Visible 24/7 from outside.

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