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“VISITING : Inken Baller &
Hinrich Baller, Berlin 1966-89”

Although most of Inken and Hinrich Baller‘s buildings were developed within the tight constraints of the social housing program in the 1970s and 1980s, they always offer more than the standard: slenderness, lightness, large balconies, complex spatial relationships across mulitple floors, and outdoor green spaces. With their unconventional residential and public buildings, the Ballers‘ creations are today as much as ever examples for high-quality and affordable housing and intriguing urban spaces. During visits with current residents of these buildings, photographs of the lively and lived-in architecture were taken. A collection of archive material, original plans and essays complement these images to present a complete picture of these multifaceted buildings. What can we learn for today‘s housing production from this open understanding of space?

ed. by urban fragment observatory, Berlin 2022. Text von urban fragment observatory, Turit Fröbe & Christian Kloss, 17 x 24 cm, 544 p. with more than 300 pictures and plans, soft cover.

> both English and German editions are available in bookshops and online.
> collection of press reviews about the book here.


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